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I recently had the pleasure of attending The Bloody Elbow Escape Room by Questroom and thought I would offer up some thoughts for my fellow escape room enthusiasts.  To best describe the story, I will use my own summary:

“During the height of the Spanish Inquisition we have been imprisoned for witchcraft and sentenced to death.  The executioner, nicknamed The Bloody Elbow, is traveling from out of town to kill us and is expected in about an hour.  We only have a small window of time to escape the dungeon where we are being held captive, or else it means our heads.”

The sets were absolutely gorgeous with torture devices, hidden passageways, and a screen effect of people walking above us to complete the surroundings.  Most of the details were of a grander scale in this room from the 666th Victim to the large bale of hay in the corner. Obviously, since this was a torture chamber, there were also a fair amount of victims of The Bloody Elbow meaning this was a room that did not shy away from the blood and guts of the Spanish inquisition.

The puzzles themselves were a mixture between survivalist fare and the more traditional escape room style of thinking.  Having both styles in of brain teasers made certain challenges pretty easy for those accustomed to escape rooms while also offering up a change of pace for the the more seasoned escape artists.  From a thematic standpoint it also made sense as the dungeon was designed by a man who enjoyed torture, secret passages, and hidden chambers.

All in all, this was a masterfully executed escape room that will offer up enough to intrigue newcomers while also giving some real stumpers to aficionados.  After having the pleasure of experiencing this room and Questroom’s Cannibal’s Den, I am very interested in checking out any room they decide to build, because the quality is top notch.  Fans of escape rooms or those who want to feel what it would be like to bust out of prison during the Spanish Inquisition should definitely give this room a whirl.

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