We’ve all been in a situation at one point or another where we feel completely uncomfortable. The situation is forced, and you feel like you’re in a reoccurring nightmare. That is what one man goes through in the new drama thriller TIME SHARE (TIEMPO COMPARTIDO).

TIME SHARE is directed by Sebastian Hofmann, as well as co-written by himself and Julio Chavezmontes. The cast includes RJ Mitte, Luis Gerardo Méndez, Andrés Almeida, Cassandra Ciangherotti, Pablo Guisa Koestinger, and more.

The film centers around two haunted family men who join forces in a destructive crusade to rescue their families from a tropical paradise, after becoming convinced that an American timeshare conglomerate has a sinister plan to take their loved ones away.”

TIME SHARE starts out a bit slow but after a bit it steadily builds tension and depth throughout the film. From beginning to end it has a chillingly eerie atmosphere. The situation becomes claustrophobic and a sense of entrapment swims over you.

Luis Gerardo Méndez delivers a heartbreakingly phenomenal performance as Pedro. I could feel all his emotions – pain, sorrow, and betrayal. All he wanted to do was start over – heal his family, but because of the circumstances surrounding him that wasn’t going to happen. No peace was to be had. He knew something just wasn’t right – a gut feeling.

The ending is incredibly tense and liberating – a bittersweet moment. Betrayal is one of the painful things one can experience and several of the character endure this throughout the film especially at the end.

Overall, TIME SHARE isn’t what I expected at all but I’m glad I stuck it out. It was a story full of love, pain, remorse, betrayal, and revenge. A story of what some companies will do to bring in extra money. Uncomfortably relatable but worth a watch!

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