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I recently had the pleasure of attending the Ghost Ship Escape Room at 60Out Escape Rooms and thought I would offer up some thoughts for my fellow escape room enthusiasts. To best describe the story, I will turn to a slightly modified version of their website’s summary:

“Many years ago a curse was put on this ship and the entire crew for their sines. Since that wretched night, they have been capturing people at sea and holding them captive with the hope that they might be the ones to help break the spell.”

To begin our journey we were blindfolded, led into a darkened room, and shackled to the floor. A brief audio cue tipped us off to the story, then it was time to remove our blindfolds and begin our escape. This is the best opening to an escape room I have ever experienced as it started things off with a bang. The gimmick was also well utilized in the sense that the keys were just out of our reach, so we had to reason our way through to achieve our freedom.

Of course, to reverse the curse and get out, we had to solve a few headscratchers along the way. For the most part the puzzles were fairly basic straightforward, though my group ran into a few snags due to missing some vital information. If I had to make one comment upon the riddles themselves it would be that there could easily have been more puzzles for the amount of space in the rooms.

Now the sets themselves were absolutely bang up from the first holding room to the final altar chamber. There was a good integration of the pirate theme that never once skimped on the darkness inherent in a ghost ship voyage. In fact, the altar room had a good deal of blood, gore, and bodies on hand which ensured a memorable conclusion to our journey.

There were a few technical difficulties in our game that brought us out of the moment and hindered our progress. The first speed bump was that the leg shackles did not fit on everyone in our group which sort of negated some of the experience for my fellow team members. The bigger problem we ran into was that one of the rooms was unlighted when we entered and we had assumed that was purposeful. We fumbled around for quite a while and even pulled out our cellphone flashlights before it became clear that the issues was not puzzle based. Obviously this sort of thing is an easy enough fix, but if we had not been able to complete the room due to fumbling in the dark for son long, I would have been very disappointed.

All in all, this was a nice introductory room to what 60Out Escape Rooms have to offer that got me excited to see some of their other challenges. This is one of their older rooms so I cannot wait to see how they have grown and advanced since this offering. Fans of movies like Pirates of the Caribbean (2003) are sure to find this of a similar ilk.

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