Movie Review: INSIDE (2018)

Upon the release of director Miguel Angel Vivas’ remake of the unnerving 2007 horror hit INSIDE, this new version brings its own twists and turns to the table. I actually hadn’t heard much about this remake until recently, leaving me very curious to what this variation would have to offer. Being that the original is quite gruesome and unforgiving, I feel it is up to the individual to decide whether or not it holds up to them, or if it stands on its own as a new presence in the genre.

After a brutal car wreck that kills her husband, pregnant and grieving Sarah Clark (Rachel Nichols) becomes subject to a home invasion by a sinister and mysterious woman (Laura Harring) set out to claim Sarah’s unborn child as her own. With delivery right around the corner, Sarah must now fight for her own life, and for the life of her expected child’s.

I’m finding it hard to come to a stable conclusion in regards to my feelings toward this movie. This new version is definitely its own animal, providing a different take on the original story with the addition of familiar scenarios and plot points seen in its predecessor. For those who have seen the original, than you are aware that it is nothing short of brutal and violent, with a story that will put you on edge. Although not quite as brutal, the remake doesn’t skimp on gore and portrays a few cringe-worthy moments that are sure to get under your skin. Without any spoilers, I found some of the changes to be unnecessary and unrealistic, defeating the purpose of the entire movie, while others fit quite well. This is a film that had me caught somewhere in-between enjoying the ride and finding myself frustrated.

INSIDE is definitely a movie that is made well. The steady camera shots balance nicely with the desired intensity of the lighting and tone, creating the right amount of disconcerting fear needed for this type of story. This is always a breath of fresh air, as you never know what type of camera work or professionalism (or lack there of) to expect when diving into any film. That can act as a huge element of distraction for me, but INSIDE delivered on all counts. I also enjoyed the acting, and it was nice to see Laura Harring (Mulholland Drive) portray such a unsettling and ruthless character.

As a whole, INSIDE offers an American adaptation of a very gory and disturbing original, while still remaining to hold its own for the direction it decided to take. If you go into this film thinking it will be exactly like the original, you will leave disappointed. But if you go in open-minded, you just might enjoy the new takes and enjoy the familiarities even more. Look out for INSIDE in select theaters and VOD January 12th from Vertical Entertainment.

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