I love stories that surprise me and deliver something unexpected. This happened in the new horror short MONSTER, written and directed by Rahul Nath.

In the story, a man and his lovely daughter bond over something sinister and wicked. The only witness to their crime is an out of luck beggar. What could it be?

MONSTER broke Bollywood horror conventions and went for a subtler style of storytelling. I love what they did. Without giving too much away it is a simple vampire story that delivers on all aspects and makes it stand out from other stories like it.

It has a runtime of just over 11 minutes and left me guessing until the end about what sinister thing was about to happen which was a pleasant surprise. It wasn’t so much horror or terror as it was dark and mysterious. I enjoy shorts that rely solely on the storytelling over anything else and MONSTER does this perfectly.

MONSTER is one of the best Indian horror films I’ve seen and I hope to see more like it. Rahul Nath has a great vision and I think he understands horror and what audiences want to see.

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