It’s officially the season for summing up our horror favorites of the year. Below are my top five favorites of 2017, and films that I feel everyone should see. I unfortunately have yet to see The Shape of Water, but I am confident that it would have made my number one, so it will be number one in spirit. Let’s get started!

#5 – IT

IT was incredibly fun and showcased great performances from new, up-and-coming talent. I have ranked this movie as number five, as I found the overuse of CGI to be an underwhelming distraction, but I still very much enjoyed the film. I would just love to see more practical effects from major studios in the future.

#4 – 1922

This was a film that crept up behind me, and was a pleasant surprise. Everything about 1922 is fantastic, from its eerie premise to its spot-on cinematography. If you have yet to see this film, please do so immediately, and it’s a perfect watch for winter!


One of my absolute favorites of the year, DIG TWO GRAVESoffers a style of filmmaking and storytelling that you don’t really see being done anymore. This is a beautifully made tale of revenge, hosting a grief stricken protagonist set to do whatever it takes to bring back her deceased brother. Knee-deep in gorgeous cinematography, suspense, and great acting, DIG TWO GRAVEScan currently be seen on Netflix and Amazon video.

#2 – GET OUT

I really don’t feel enough praise can be said about Jordan Peele’s GET OUT. So much about this movie demonstrates great modern filmmaking, and caters to the importance of current events and psychological manipulation. Pulling inspirations from one of my favorite authors Ira Levin, GET OUT presents racial issues and gas lighting within dramatically shot sequences.


I love this movie! I am a sucker for any film with a satanic premise, and THE DEVIL’S CANDY hits the nail on the head in every department. This movie is a metalhead’s dream, featuring songs by Metallica and Pantera (just to name a few), all while wrapped in a creepy demonic package. To say the least, this film is made incredibly well.


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