What a hell of a year, 2017. I’d like to give you a heartfelt fuck you. On a more positive note, horror from this hell year has been phenomenal. Be it murderous clowns or murderous co-workers, the movies this year kept us awake for the right reasons. Below are my top 5 favorite horror/thrillers of 2017!


I may or may not get agreement on this one but anyone who knows me or reads my articles knows my love for horror-comedy. When done right, I wholeheartedly think it’s one of the best genres out there. I picked LITTLE EVIL because anyone who has kids or married into a family with kids can relate to the tiny monsters they can be (but we love them anyway). This movie was silly, funny and an all-around good time. Plus it included Tyler Labine and I’m a fan of his. He knows how to work the horror-comedy genre.


I’m not huge on animated movies but this one was fantastic. Even though it had one of the silliest gunfights outside of a spaghetti western spoof, the graphics were wonderful and the story was engaging. It’s easily one of the best Resident Evil movies…I’m looking at you live action abominations! It came at the perfect time in the year when Resident Evil was back in the forefront after Resident Evil 7: Biohazard was released and around the last chapter of the worthless live action franchise. I hope James Wan does the live action movie some justice on their next go-around.

#3 – IT

I can almost guarantee this movie is on EVERY list and deservedly so. At first everyone was hesitant about a remake to a horror classic featuring one of the greatest actors of all time. But man, did they do the movie justice. While Bill Skarsgaard was amazing as a more disturbing and wet-mouthed Pennywise, the Losers’ Club ended up stealing the entire movie. The casting of the kids was incredible and I cannot wait until Chapter 2 comes out.


Joe Lynch killed it (bahaha) with this one. It featured Steven Yeun in, I believe, his best performance. Now, before “The Walking Dead” fans light their torches and sharpen their pitchforks, it’s really true. He is snarky, violent, funny and wildly sexy. The dynamic between him and Samara Weaving is stellar and the soundtrack feels like a combination between an 80’s action movie and an installment of Double Dragons. This was one of the most fun horror movies I’ve ever seen.


I’m going to say this…this is not only my favorite horror movie of 2017 but one of my favorite movies OF ALL TIME. I have seen all of the other Hatchet movies and none stacked up to this one. This movie was not only silly with the over-the-top gore, it was heartbreaking, it was hilarious with some of the best dialogue I’ve heard, and it was truly made with love by one of my all-time favorite directors. I had the amazing chance to see this movie on Adam Green’s “Dismember America” tour and the experience of watching it in a theater was unlike any other. Plus I got to see the movie before the censors had their unfortunate way with it. See this movie. See it and buy it and support one of the kindest and most humble and hardworking filmmakers in the industry.


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