Short Film Review: HOLIDAY FEAR (2017)

HOLIDAY FEAR, written and directed by Nicholas Santos, is a fun little holiday horror short. The film focuses on a man named Bruce, who attempts to reclaim his manliness by trying to impress the final girl, by finishing off the killer in the final act of a slasher film.

The film opens up with a man in a Santa suit, bloody and laying dead in the snow, with an axe. It’s a great first shot and it hooks you right away. It then cuts to Emily (Rebeca Robles) and Bruce (Eric Whitten) seen standing of a broken balcony, looking down at the man.

It’s a simple idea: be a man and kill the killer to make sure he is dead. But can Bruce do it?

The whole short is three and a half minutes and I found it incredibly fulfilling. It was shot well, acted well, and it was definitely a fun concept with a great script directed by Nicholas Santos. Both actors were enjoyable and had good chemistry – and you just know they had a great time making this film!

I would definitely recommend this film to everyone who loves both horror and Christmas!

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