Short Film Review: THE DAUGHTERS OF VIRTUE (2017)

THE DAUGHTERS OF VIRTUE, directed by Michael Escobedo, follows the story of a lonely housewife who fears for her life when at a women’s pray group the meeting turns into a fanatical intervention to rid her soul of evil.

It seems that in almost every review I do, I always talk about man’s innate fascination with religion. How we are controlled and governed by it, as well as how it seems to help us understand our place in the world. This film is proof that religion is fucked up and makes for good horror!

When Alice hosts her prayer group, The Daughters of Virtue, all goes wrong when she is confronted by their leader, Betty, on suspicion that she is sleeping with another member’s husband; but what Betty doesn’t know is that Alice is harboring an even darker secret.

This is a fun short that I found myself really enjoying and Maria Olsen was deliciously evil as the cult leader Betty. The movie was shot well and had a bit of a throwback feel to it, especially with the wonderful score done by Leanna Primiani. This film did not disappoint and I do believe audiences and film festivals alike will enjoy this film as well.

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