Howdy Pilgrims! Malvolia is back and just in time for Thanksgiving as she carves her way into another holiday special with MALVOLIA’S THANKSGIVING SPECIAL!

We begin, of course, with Malvolia reading her fan mail. Following up the question of a fan, she begins to tell us about her past Thanksgiving experience and how she decided to have a nice night in, as opposed to her usual hunting spree.

The Queen of Screams decides to order take out from a food delivery service called… wait for it… Ghostmates! That immediately made me chuckle when I heard that said on screen. Once the delivery guy arrives he goes into a detailed description about his journey to find Malvolia’s lair. Even after fighting invisible ghosts (which was quite hilarious to watch), running from zombies and a swamp thing, and being bitten by a “gnombie” (gnome zombie), he still made it with the food delivery, despite having a pretty gnarly looking bite on his arm. Malvolia tries to gracefully invite the delivery guy to stay, but he of course refuses which you know won’t end well for him. No one says no to Malvolia.

Shortly after leaving Malvolia, her butler catches up with the ghostmastes employee to invite him to stay once more. Again, he declines with much anxiety and explains how he wasn’t even tipped after trudging through a “garden of horrors”, which is when Malvolia politely asks her butler to tip the man. This was my favorite part of the short as the butler cleverly pushes the delivery man so that Malvolia can impale him directly through the back! I was totally surprised by this as I watched. The whole gag was executed very well with a ton of blood and guts that I totally did not anticipate!

This clever little Thanksgiving short is a fun way to stay spooky and get into the late fall spirit. What will Malvolia bring to us during the Christmas season?!

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