Some of you may have seen the review of the amazing 3rd STREET ASYLUM back at Halloween. It resides in Bonner Springs, KS in an old high school. It was an amazing visit to a haunt that utilized its space better than any I’ve seen and is truly a family business that people care about. You can read about it HERE. Unfortunately the owner’s received some troubling news from the city of Bonner Springs and they need your help.

The city wants to use the high school as a new police station and city hall. While that sounds like a good thing for the community, the owners believe it’s neither the most financially responsible nor the best use of the building and will hurt the tax payers of the city. They have created a petition to try and convince the city to use a different location.

To sign the petition visit

They need to reach 5,000 signatures for the petition so it’s up to all of you to save this business.

For anyone who has visited 3rd STREET ASYLUM, this is terrible news. This haunt is worth saving and it needs your help. Anyone can sign the petition. It is not just for residents of Bonner Springs, KS. I invite all readers to take a minute and sign it and share the link to keep this amazing haunt in its home.

For those of you that live in Bonner Springs and want to do more, you can contact your local government, such as the mayor or appropriate representative and implore that they utilize a more compatible building for the new police station and city hall. We have until mid-December before the owners take the signatures to the city, so do your part, tell a friend and let’s save 3rd STREET ASYLUM while we still can.

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