There’s a reason that Fright Factory continues to be one of the most well attended and highly reviewed haunted houses in the state of Washington, despite being almost 50 miles from Seattle and it’s because of the attention to detail.

When you get to the attraction, you are immediately whisked away to Halloween’s delightful insanity and the horror elements are ever present through every twist and turn. Aside from the excellent cast of assorted ghoulies and villains, when entering the VIP you are guided by delightfully gory clowns who are only happy to serve.

Each space in the attraction is so full of detail that you could sit for a bit and just take it in, and folks were. The only unfortunate reality of something being so popular is a large guest count and managing the volumes despite the immense space the attraction boasts. This was really the only struggle so I suggest coming early, or coming super late, that way you can get a more intimate experience.

I am rarely in a position of true anxiety in a haunt, but I have to say that the blackout maze at the Fright Factory had me on edge.

Immaculate set design, wonderful ambiance, and a variety of scenes for the viewer to enjoy create a truly unique atmosphere sure to pump up your adrenaline upon exit. This is haunt is just simply well done.

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