Halloween may be over, but the season lives on throughout the year’s entirety for any horror fan. I personally love November, but for many, it can act as a lonely month connecting the downs of Halloween’s end to the highs of the beginnings of Christmas or Hanukkah. Below I have picked six movies that are sure to cure any post-Halloween feelings you may be experiencing, and act as a good bridge between the watchings of Halloween to Christmas horror. I chose to not add any Thanksgiving-themed horror, because let’s face it, the little that does exist are pretty cheesy and unentertaining (in my opinion). These six films give off a great and chilling vibe that I feel best represents November, with the addition of two non-horror picks that are a must-see for the duration of this month.


One of my favorites of 2016, The Witch offers an ambiance that feels very deep within the fall season. It’s unclear when this movie takes place, but it certainly feels like the thralls of November, with its cold and desolate settings. Although not for everyone, this film remains to be a slow-burning and well-written spooky little folktale, showcasing struggling settlers trying to get by and start over… but unfortunately, things don’t quite turn out as planned.


November is a cold month that exhibits the death of everything around us, with its barren trees and shriveling fields, so what better movie to set the tone than Mary Lambert’s Pet Sematary? I love this film, and though not the best, it remains to be one of my favorite King adaptations. This movie has always been a great post-Halloween watch, showcasing the ever lovable (and creepy) Church the cat as the infamous feline lead.


Not my favorite movie, but The Village gives its audience a seasonal taste of horror wrapped in the feeling of late fall. There are parts of this movie I greatly enjoy, while others not so much, but this film really does create a great autumnal ambiance through its wooded scenery and 19th Century-themed desolation.


Although this movie seems like it takes place more in summer, Pumpkinhead has always felt like one of the perfect post-Halloween watches. This film’s subject matter screams autumn and houses some of the best practical creature effects of all-time. Who doesn’t love Pumpkinhead? I have to yet to meet a soul who doesn’t.


This may sound strange, but Adventures in Babysitting, to me, works as a great Thanksgiving favorite. Some non-horror has to be thrown into the mix every once in a while, and this 80s classic works as the perfect additive. I absolutely love this movie, as it holds a special rank amongst my top ten list. I saw this movie for the first time as a kid on Thanksgiving, so it has kind of become a family tradition ever since. And the movie does appear to take place during a rather cold time of year, so it may very well be in November! Try it sometime.


I’m sure this pick was seen coming from a mile away, but you cannot deny the Thanksgiving perfection that is Plains and Trains. With its phenomenal cast, early winter vibe, and knock-out storyline, this comedic classic is one that should be watched over and over- so grab a cold one, buckle up, and enjoy this seasonal ride all month long!

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