When walking into the Frighthouse Station haunt you are immediately aware of the well thought out queue and design of the narrative, immersing you into the life of a corporate steward and his quest for immortal life. Pandora Labs CEO will stop at nothing to gain the limitless potential of eternal existence.

Access to the attraction is limited to small groups so each twist and turn is experienced intimately. The path before you beset with nods to Disney’s Haunted Mansion, Lovecraft, dystopian themes of corporate power run amok and all delightfully acted and intentionally crafted.

The production value was high at this year’s installment of owner Erik Tavares’s Frighthouse Station and the lighting and sound design played into the themes perfectly.

Admittedly, I caught the haunt running minus a few of it’s cast, but the ability to go through the sprawling space and have the ability to get sucked into the details really created an atmosphere that left the guests keyed up for the next scare.

In 2018, you would be remiss to not pay Frighthouse Station and it’s inhabitants a visit.

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