Just in time for Halloween, I had the chance to check out MALVOLIA’S HALLOWEEN SPECIAL, from Jenn Nangle and Hunter Johnson. Having checked out a number of shorts from Jenn and seen Hunter Johnson’s 2 Jennifer, I was pretty stoked to see a seasonal collaboration.

To give you an idea of what this short entails, you must familiarize yourself with Malvolia, The Queen of Screams. The character was created by Jenn Nangle as a Horror Host in the same vein as Elvira. For this Halloween short, Malvolia receives an invitation to a Halloween party from Hunter Johnson who wants to trick her into signing a 3 film contract. What he and his friends don’t know is that Malvolia has her own tricks up her sleeve, as always.

The short opens as Malvolia’s cohort, Bloody Sherry, brings her an invitation to a Halloween party hosted by filmmaker, Hunter Johnson, which she agrees to in trade for a victim. On earth’s surface were introduced to each victim, I mean, character in a one on one face time with the camera. Even the camera guys get in on it.

I appreciated the sheer diversity of each character we’re introduced to and how they all had their own motives or disapproval’s with meeting The Queen of Screams. Especially since you know, she deals with the devil. Hunter, in particular, was rather funny, constantly cursing at the other actors and trying to put them in check while having them keep their eyes on the prize once Malvolia arrived.

Upon The Queen of Screams arrival, Bloody Sherry dipped into the punch bowl and was spilling her drunken emotions about how people are terrified of her sister Bloody Mary while she pleaded that she was just as scary which I though was pretty funny.

As we reached the end of the short, Malvolia summons one of her demon Butler’s that provides a bunch of shots of booze to the group after Hunter suggests a “drawing straws” type of method for selecting her victim. Malvolia’s method obviously proves to be more practical in terms of selecting a victim; however, they all get to attend Malvolia’s own Halloween party.

All in all, this short was definitely a bit of fun to check out a few days before the spookiest of holidays. I’m always excited to check out new work from Jenn Nangle and am more than willing to suggest giving this twenty minute short a watch – unless you want to become Malvolia’s next victim!

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