Screamfest Short Film Review: CREEPER (2017)

CREEPER is a horror short that premiered at the 2017 Screamfest Horror Film Festival on October 14. The short is directed and written by Drew Macdonald with a cast starring Melanie Zanetti and Harry Piaggio. The short is described as follows:

“After a night out, a young woman (Zanetti) is unknowingly followed into her home by her “ride-share” Driver (Piaggio) – resulting in a dangerous game of cat and mouse that explores the lengths people will go to connect in the modern world.”

CREEPER is the reason why I sometimes never want to step foot outside my home. We meet strangers every day, it’s a part of life. All we can hope is that they are good people and fingers crossed that they don’t have people locked up in their basements. With new convenient things like UBER, you are putting your trust and life into that person’s hand for a brief moment of time. Sometimes, however, that other person may not want that moment to end.

When you see the mysterious man following her into her home panic consumes you. Thoughts like “What is he going to do to her?” and “Look behind you!” run through your mind. This creeper takes creeping to a whole new level. Lurking in the shadows, watching and waiting, but never attacking. It’s not until she’s asleep that he takes things further as he sucks on her fingers while she’s asleep. Yeah, you read that right: he SUCKS on her fingers. A frightening moment that made me gag and cringe simultaneously.

Harry Piaggio excels at playing the ultimate creeper. His performance made my skin crawl and gave me an urgent need to take a hot shower. He’s not one you would want to come across down a dark and empty road or anywhere, really.

Overall, CREEPER is a thrilling horror short that you’ll definitely want to check out. With a runtime of only 12 minutes, it sent chills down my spine and left me hoping that I’m never put in such a realistic situation that could happen to anyone.

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