MABLE’S 6 FEET UNDER brought its A-game in 2017. Not only did seasoned haunt visitors in our party absolutely quake in the presence of scare actors, but the maze itself was cohesively, beautifully crafted. Recommended for ages 12 and up, MABLE’S 6 FEET UNDER may be the best family-friendly haunt in Anaheim (if not all of Southern California).

From what I gather, each walk through the maze is slightly different, making for a high repeatability factor. There are also certain areas where you will be able to linger and, trust me, you will want to. With expert precision, scare actors manipulate multiple trap doors that open and close, revealing new pathways after you reach dead-ends. You are broken into groups of 3 or 4 to make for a more intimate experience and, in no way, do you ever run the risk of bumping into another party. Once you’re in the maze, it’s up to you to find your way out!

Let me be neither the first nor the last to say Mable and the rest of her prowling pals looked great this year. The costuming was superb and the glares were menacing. More importantly, the actors in MABLE’S 6 FEET UNDER never missed a cue or a beat. And they were masterful at invading personal space without violating boundaries.

The actors were not the only ones doing the haunted heavy lifting. All of the special effects and animatronics properly functioned. Since most of the effects are home-grown, you will honestly be amazed at how flawless certain motor functions in MABLE‘s look. Moreover, the construction of the maze itself was professional, safe, and without any potential snags. The MABLE’S 6 FEET UNDER team managed to nail a fine balance between their secure environment and their frightful scares.

Lest we forget, MABLE’S 6 FEET UNDER is a non-profit enterprise, training individuals in occupational skills while building this haunt. In fact, the non-profit behind MABLE’S is cheekily called BOO! (Building Occupational Opportunities). At $15 (or 2 for $20) for General Admission, be sure to get out this year to let out some cathartic Halloween screams while supporting a great cause!


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