Scared to Death, a brand new exhibition and horror film experience begins by guests walking through a maze of hanging wrapped cadavers. Children shuddering through the web of corpses made a fun stumble for all, reminiscent of a well produced haunted attraction.

A grisly pop out featuring specifics on our favorite flesh munchers from beyond the grave features Michael Jackson’s zombie costume from the music video Thriller and The Governor’s head collection from “The Walking Dead”.

Director’s spotlights were intimate seated viewing areas in which guests could hear about the making of some of horror’s finest, including Tobe Hooper’s classic The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Dario Argento’s Suspiria among many others. Eli Roth’s commentary seems omnipresent throughout these installs, which was refreshing to have one of the genre’s natives partially narrating your journey through the dark and windy roads of cinema’s favorite nightmares.

The event boasts an impressive collection of props from classic and modern eras not to be missed. Seeing the original Night of the Living Dead script was a real treat but was one of many things that were sure to give nerdy little goosebumps.

Scared to Death delivered on many levels and is recommended for genre connoisseurs if for no other reason than to be close to some famous relics from film history. The only criticism I can muster up is the desire for the exhibit to be larger and get more real estate, though with the cinemas built in and the ample amount of goodies on view, it is surely worth a visit.

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