Welcome witches and warlocks,

I had the great pleasure of attending the pop up escape room The Scarecrow’s Shadow a joint production between The Cromwell Estate and Escape Room Era.  There are two different versions of this room, one for kids and one for adults, but since I only saw the version for adults, this review will be based entirely upon that iteration.

Allow me to say that I pretty immediately loved the theme of this escape room.  While we might have gotten the darker version, it still has many traditional Halloween trappings.  From the witches cackling to the bats to the Jack O’ Lanterns this feels very in line with everyone’s favorite spooky holiday.

The creep factor is one area where they could kick things up a bit.  While I enjoyed our interactions with the scarecrow, I feel as if they could have been a bit eerier to achieve the idea that we needed to hurry.  His reveal, while cool, could also have had some form of musical accompaniment to up the effectiveness.

As far as the actual puzzles go, I was impressed with the sheer amount of variety presented.  Whether it be black light flashlights or a spotlight effect, they crammed a lot of different ideas into a small space.  By no means am I an expert puzzle solver, but we were able to finish the room with a minute or two left on the clock and during that whole time I felt very engaged by the riddles.

All in all, this is a fun, Halloween themed escape room that crams a lot into a small space. From the wonderful set dressings to the clever puzzles, I found myself very entertained throughout the entire experience.  Those looking for some Halloween fun that will make them test their problem solving skills should definitely give this a look.

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