Movie Review: THE SOUND (2017)

If you want to waste an hour and a half of your time, I urge you to check out THE SOUND, directed and written by Jenna Mattison. The film stars Rose McGowan as Kelly Johanson, a skeptic who debunks the paranormal through her blog and Twitter. She investigates an abandoned subway station and attempts to prove that low frequency tactile sound is the cause of ghost sightings there. The film feels like an attempt to be a slow burn horror, but tries to make up for the lack of interesting plot lines with twists from The Sixth Sense.

There are about five “twists” in the film and like any mediocre parody, the twists are all explained in dialogue. In fact, most of the film is explained in the dialogue (and tweets), which gives it an amateurish style. Not that it’s an important aspect of a film to have, but also no one really dies. There is one death, but it’s not real. Or is it? The movie is so convoluted with its twists that it will make you question your sanity and your memory, much like the main character.

As if the twists aren’t enough, the fact that Kelly has a data connection in the bowels of the abandoned subway station makes the film even more of a joke. To top everything off, Kelly Johanson is “saved” by her male significant other, who explains to her that she is crazy, but also ghosts are real. In the end, nothing actually happens. THE SOUND is utterly meaningless and fails to commit to a plot line which weakens the story and makes for an aggravating viewing experience.

THE SOUND arrives in select theaters September 29th from Samuel Goldwyn Films

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