TV Recap: Channel Zero: No-End House

NO-END HOUSE is the latest installment in the acclaimed CHANNEL ZERO series arriving on SYFY September 20. This season, which is inspired by Brian Russell’s “creepypasta” tale, focuses on Margot Sleator and her friends who visit the mysterious No-End House, a place that houses 6 rooms that become increasingly disturbing the further you go in. The six episode seasons stars Amy Forsyth (“The Path”),  John Carroll Lynch (“American Horror Story”), Aisha Dee (“The Bold Type”) and Jeff Ward (“Agents of Shield”).

To be completely honest I went through a lot of emotions while watching NO-END HOUSE. Unlike the first season, which focused more on the horror aspect, this season dealt with some heavy thematic elements interwoven into a visually impressive, and at times horrifying, viewing experience. NO-END HOUSE is a smart concept executed beautifully in a way that will not only make you question what is actually happening but will also expertly pull on your heartstrings.

From the beginning, I was immediately taken by what was story while also trying to solve the mystery surrounding the house. The “No-End House” reminded me of the haunts that I go to and the obsession many people have towards them, which instantly piqued my interest and caused me to become immersed within the story. However, as the focus of the show became more clear, I begun to feel a pain in my heart. You see, the overarching theme of NO-END HOUSE centers around memories – whether they be good or bad, it’s the memories in life that keep us going.

That brings me to why this was so hard to watch at times. **SPOILERS AHEAD – if you do not want anything spoiled, I suggest watching all of Season 2 before continuing on – you have been warned!** Over a decade ago my father passed away. I never had the chance to say goodbye and dealing with the death of a loved one at such a young age nearly broke me apart. When our main character, Margot, returns to her home after visiting the No-End House, she finds her father waiting for – her father who died a year earlier from a supposed allergic reaction. Throughout the season, we see Margot struggle with the realization that her father is back, but he’s back with an insatiable appetite for the memories she has. For me, the show begged the question, if I could have my father back, would I? Would I want to create new memories, knowing that he isn’t the person he was before he died, or would it be better for me to hold onto those memories of him that I had before his untimely death? Regardless, NO-END HOUSE hit a nerve for me which was amplified with the gut punch of an ending that almost had me in tears.

This show wouldn’t be what it is without the creative writing from Nick Antosca as well as the brilliant directors and incredible cast. In regards to the cast, everyone played their part wonderfully, but I was really blown away by Aisha Dee, Jeff Ward and John Carroll Lynch. Aisha Dee, who plays Jules, Margot’s bestfriend, is completely relatable as she struggles with her own personal demons as well as coming to terms with the fact that she wasn’t there for Margot after her father’s death. Jeff Ward, who plays Seth, comes off as the charming boy-next-door who can’t help but fall head-over-heels for Margot, while also going to great lengths to hide his own secrets. Lastly, John Carroll Lynch, who plays Margot’s father John, is sweet, caring, and loving, even though he has an insatiable hunger. For me, these three characters really stood out and left a lasting impression long after the show had ended.

Overall, CHANNEL ZERO: NO-END HOUSE is a brilliant descent into the madness of memories, loss, death, and re-birth. As I mentioned before, the visuals are stunning and are an essential part to the unfolding of the story. Though I would have liked a bit more in terms of horror elements, I still found this season to be poignant and harrowing in it’s own unique way while also being heartbreaking and hopeful. All in all, NO-END HOUSE is a slow burn horror tale that will strike you at your most vulnerable and leave you questioning your own ideals and beliefs. I without a doubt recommend fans of the first season, as well as horror fans in general, to check out CHANNEL ZERO: NO-END HOUSE which premieres on the SYFY channel September 20th.

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