TV Recap: The Walking Dead Season 7

THE WALKING DEAD‘s season seven has a brutal opening that continues from the end of season six, when we were left wondering who died at the hands of Negan and Lucille. The ends of those lives were just the beginning of our adventures with Negan, however. Throughout season season, we get to know Negan and his God complex more thoroughly. While he remains a despicable character, almost halfway through the season, he has a few moments where he seems nearly as human as Rick and his crew.

Season seven is a little less dramatic than usual when it comes to character relationships, but most of the tension lies between The Saviors and Alexandria, proving even further that people are the true monsters. We spend our time with the community of Alexandria dealing with being under the thumbs of Negan and The Saviors. However, we are introduced to a few other groups who also have had dealings with The Saviors.

One of these groups is led by King Ezekiel, who speaks in a kingly manner and keeps a tiger. Just in case you were wondering what happened to circus animals after the apocalypse (although, it is never explained how King Ezekiel obtained a tiger). The ridiculousness of The Kingdom is not lost on anyone, audience, writers, and characters alike. While proving to be rather useful in the end, the tiger is also a source of comic relief and at times, it seems to be a little too comedic for THE WALKING DEAD.

Another group that we are introduced to is The Scavangers, who are total badasses and live in a junkyard. While The Kingdom seems to be all about keeping their deal with The Saviors under wraps from the majority of the people, The Scavengers seem like they will be great allies in the inevitable fight against The Saviors because of their resourcefulness and fighting skills.

As for the lives lost in season seven, the worst of them were in the first episode. While there is a major character death in the finale, it doesn’t hurt as bad, possibly because of how it is presented. I won’t get into the details just to avoid further spoilage of the season just in case there are readers who have successfully avoided spoilers until now.

The season ends with Negan announcing, “We are going to War!” Season eight is just around the corner (October 22, 2017) and it will be interesting to see how the characters deal with a full on war with The Saviors. We’ve seen them in terrible spots before, but Negan is privy to the fact that they have had a pretty good life in Alexandria for a while and Rick and his community are not as hard as they might have once been. The Saviors are also the toughest opponents we have seen the members of Alexandria come across and it is expected that major lives will be lost.

THE WALKING DEAD: SEASON 7 is now available on Blu-ray and DVD.

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