We’re just a week away from not only one of the most highly anticipated on-screen adaptations from Stephen King ever, but one of the most exciting films to show its face out from beneath the sewers in 2017! Director Andy Muschietti’s vision of Stephen King’s IT is expected to slaughter the box-office next weekend and we here at Nightmarish Conjurings are amping up the excitement with the coolest Etsy finds that involve Derry’s “eater of worlds – and of children!”

First and foremost, if you’re a lover of both retro goodness and VHS, this VHS table top lamp repurposed from a video cassette from NancyJars is pretty much a no-brainer. While this particular one has sold on this site, you can request one made for you by contacting the shop owner Hayley Summers directly through her online store.

This unique enamel pin comes from Rattlehead Crafts and features Tim Curry’s version of the world’s most terrifying clown on a butcher knife. The seller states this bad-ass double rubber back pin is limited to only 100 pressings so if you’re interested, you may want to swipe one up quickly.

You may want to avoid splashing around muddy gutters in these bad boys! Etsy seller Eclectic Goods VA is offering some pimped out Airwalks and Converse featuring the nightmare from Derry. Both youth and adult sizes are available so your child can be the envy of their friends. Or just creep them out and keep them away from your house. Either way, it sounds like a win to me.


Next, we have a stunning 2017 Pennywise sterling silver pendant that is pretty amazing in detail from Artifactoria. This made-to-order must-have for any hard-core fan measures about 2.4 x 3.4 cm and weighs approximately 16 grams according to the sale page.


Relax before your night at the movies in the bathtub with this IT inspired bath bomb from ClarasSudsandDuds! Your luxurious pampering bath will turn blood red but keep you at a calm state with a release of a relaxing lavender scent.

Great for boils and ghouls, this Loser Club’s tee-shirt inspired by the 2017 adaptation and Eddie’s written word on his arm cast, is pretty much the perfect way to show up to a viewing of IT in both comfort and style. Sold by RevLevel, make sure to snatch one up before this Friday!

Don’t worry. It doesn’t smell like sewer death. Sold by Macabre Scents Store, this IT inspired candle illuminates cotton candy with a hint of fresh rain with a burn time of 14 to 21 hours.

A classy coffin shaped Pennywise wall clock? Why, yes please! This nifty as hell decor for your home is sold by Etsy seller Villaoscura and stands at a respectable 12 inches.

Thwart off unwanted solicited calls with “battery acid you slime!” Ok, not really but it’s a nice thought regardless. The Loser’s Club iPhone case from Lonesome Lake House that features Eddie’s inhaler ensures you’ll always be able to distinguish your phone case from all others while representing the pride of the lucky seven.

The perfect accessory for a ladies night out to the movies is this Novel Creations IT book purse! Upcycled from the actual Stephen King novel, this shoulder length bag is an incredibly fashionable way to bring your favorite book with you wherever you go, along with carrying valuables such as your life-saving inhaler or your handy postcards for writing love sickening haikus.

Now excuse me while I go empty my wallet into the church of Pennywise.

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