Movie Review: MIKE BOY (2017)

If an opportunity came about to discover the truth about your past, would you take it knowing you’re risking everything with no certainty? In the 2017 mystery thriller, MIKE BOY, directed and written by Hamzah Tarzan, an orphaned waiter (Massey) is forced to carry out dangerous missions for a powerful secret society. In return, he will get to live and discover the truth about his mother. The cast stars Hugh Massey, Emily Killian, Robert Sisko, and Gerard Sanders.

MIKE BOY is different from anything I’ve watched recently. It’s not every day someone wakes up with a knife to their throat and told they are chosen for a mission. Not knowing anything about this film before watching it, I was pleasantly surprised by this. However, it started out real slow and lost my interest within the first 20 minutes. A lot of small talk and none of the characters were sticking out. They were dull and lacked any redeeming qualities.

The story picked up halfway through as they started to go on missions and unravel the mysteries little by little. The missions were like breadcrumbs: each one would lead them to their safety and reveal the purpose of it all. It was fun, but also drug on in certain scenes. Regardless of it being a bit of a slow burn film, the ending did surprise me. It’s a bit twisted and helps explain a lot of uncertainty that goes on throughout the story.

After finishing the film, my favorite character ended up being Lara, played by Emily Killian. Killian is killing it recently! In the last couple years, she’s proved to be a talented actress with a promising future. Her character was funny, bold, determined, and most of all a great friend. She jumped onboard with the mission, despite it being dangerous, and was willing to go over and beyond to save her friend’s life while also discovering the truth about his past.

MIKE BOY is not something I’d personally watch again, but it is definitely a good choice for people who love solving mysteries and don’t mind a slow build.

MIKE BOY arrives in select theaters September 1, 2017 and on VOD October 1, 2017.

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