I love ghost stories. I’ve always been fascinated by the paranormal and have had my fair share of unexplained encounters and experiences. In the world of immersive theater, I have noticed that there has been a shockingly low number of experiences that center around paranormal activity. When newcomers E3W Productions announced that their first event, IN ANOTHER ROOM, was going to center on a paranormal investigation of a haunted house, I knew I had to go.

E3W Productions describes IN ANOTHER ROOM as an “immersive play in which guests will wander the upstairs floor of a purportedly haunted house in Los Angeles, coming face to face with various souls that have lived and died and suffered tragedy within its rooms.” The show itself isn’t necessarily horror based, though it does have aspects which allow it to have a very eerie undertone. Only three guests are allowed to go through the hour long experience at once, which I really appreciated because it allows for a more intimate experience to take place.

Upon arriving at the show, you and the two other participants are asked to speak with the homeowner as the paranormal investigators set up their equipment within the home. This is where we end up learning about the sordid history surrounding the house and the deaths that have occurred there. The homeowner seemed shaken and uneasy at having to be back at the home as she had experienced her own personal hell there as a child. She tells us she has tried everything she can to get rid of the home, but it seems that no matter what she does, it ends up coming back to her. When we are finally given the clearance to go investigate, she takes us back to the house, unlocks the door, and gives us one final warning before leaving us in the staircase to continue on… alone.

I don’t want to give too much away because by doing so it will take away the beauty of what lies ahead. What I will say is that you will travel through 6 areas within the house, each one specific to a certain tragedy that has occurred there. These range from murder, to suicide, to lost love, and future events. Each story is heartbreaking and it’s hard not to get swept up with everything that is unfolding. It’s an emotional journey that one wouldn’t necessarily expect from a fictional paranormal investigation, so it’s a testament to the creators to leave such a poignant impression on those who experience IN ANOTHER ROOM.

With that said, what really drives this show is the incredibly talent actors that embody their ghostly spirits. They are able to draw you into their stories while making you fell as though you are a part of it. One of my favorite moments was when a character named Anne took me and another guest into a nook made out of cardboard boxed. While there, we learned the disturbing, yet surprisingly touching, story about how she got to where she is and what truly is going on with her and her husband. That scene, along with it’s reveal, has left a lasting impression on me.

Also noteworthy is the incredible design work that went into creating IN ANOTHER ROOM. Each room is designed completely different and in a way that directly correlates with whatever story is being told. Some of the design work is more literal, whereas others have a much more abstract feel to them. Whether it’s the 70s inspired bedroom used to conjure a spirit or the writer’s room filled with dozens upon dozens of dried roses hanging from the ceiling, it’s hard not to be amazed at the attention to detail and overall expert craftsmanship that went into designing this space.

All in all, IN ANOTHER ROOM is a masterpiece achievement for E3W Productions. I still can’t believe that this was their first immersive event as it looked as though it could have been done by veterans within the immersive field. My only critique would be that I wish they had focused a bit more on why the house was so evil. I would have loved to have known the origins to it and why it had such a devastating effect on those who resided there. I think that’s an integral part of the overall story, but who knows, maybe we are the ones who are supposed to figure out why the house is so malevolent. Regardless, I still absolutely loved this show and I can’t say enough good things about it. As of right now, IN ANOTHER ROOM‘s run is completely sold out, but make sure to stay up-to-date on their ticket page in case they extend the show. This is one you do not want to miss.

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