Hey fellow horror hounds! I’m back with another review for you fiends of the freakish. Tonight I’ll be delving into Peter Herro’s WTF. A brief breakdown of the plot is as follows:

“A group of college graduates vacation at a remote cabin when an unsuspecting killer begins to pick them off.” 

The first thing that really showed a great deal of cleverness to this film was the intro. The camera pans across the scene of a murder spree, weapon utensil’s splayed across the screen as the camera moves around them while showing the opening credits. The thing I enjoyed the most about this was a cellphone laying on the ground and as they zoomed it on it, the phone displayed text messages which contained more credits.

As the film plot begins to build, you’re introduced to a group of incredibly shitty characters (not the acting) which lead me to have an instant distaste for them. I thought to myself, this is going to be fun to watch them all die, Bonnie and Sam in particular. To me, they were the worst, but Lisa played a helping hand in my hopes they’d all die. Rachel on the other hand, being a victim of the aforementioned murder in the beginning of the film, plays a withdrawn and highly cautious individual that may or may not have a couple screws loose. Then there’s the typical stoner, Jacob, who actually plays a pretty decent dude in my opinion. Jacob makes attempts at playing a (semi) level headed individual with heroic traits despite the fact he’s high all the time. One thing I noticed, which is the case for most slasher films, is that these actors don’t hold back on getting nude which is always a funny trope to me. Oh, and Perez Hilton (yes, the host of “Bad Girls Club”) plays a very, very short role in the beginning of the film.

WTF contains all the typical tropes that one would find in a horror film. Nudity, creepy old dude giving an unheeded warning, a remote location and a group of young shit heads. There was a great deal of set up to things you could naturally anticipate, especially being a fan of horror films. I found myself constantly yelling at the screen, “C’mon!”, but for me that was half the fun. It’s almost like attending a showing of Rocky Horror Picture Show where everyone chimes in, except this is just me at home on my couch yelling like a crazy person while my neighbors wonder what the hell is going on.

In regards to the kills, there were definitely some fun ones with gross out scenes. Shortly after arriving at the cabin, the group finds themselves chilling poolside when Bonnie steps on a nail. It was pretty gnarly being able to see the nail penetrate through her entire foot. It was one of those scenes that tends to make people shiver and cringe. Two other notable killings that I appreciated had to do with one of the characters deaths due to the penalty of being unfaithful and another that included a lighter and hairspray.

After a few additional twists and turns, the killer ends up being revealed, which I won’t ruin for you as I don’t want to remove the genuine cleverness of this film. Overall, I really enjoyed WTFas it fed my appetite for slasher films while also appearing my love for poorly acted 90s/early 2000s horror flicks. I’d actually recommend this to any fan of the horror genre to check out at least once. As I mentioned previously, WTF touches on all the common horror tropes while maintaining its own ability to be unique and creative. I give this film 2 stabs!!

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