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Today I will be recapping the Midsummer Scream panel Six Flags Magic Mountain Fright Fest Presentation. To best describe the conceit, I will turn to the official summary:

“Find out what goes into making this sprawling Halloween event and what’s in store for the upcoming season.” 

There was a very smart decision made by Six Flags when they set up this panel: they brought one of their key actors onto the stage with them in character. This provided some humor as the various creatives discussed the upcoming event as the clown, Peaches, would interrupt or mess up with the slide show buttons. I appreciated this touch as it made the proceedings feel more engaging and less like an information dump.

Speaking of information, I was somewhat disappointed that they announced a new haunted house coming this year called DEAD END, but did not give even a hint as to the story or theme. While I understand this is a form of advertising, I think they should have either had something to share beyond the vague title art. Since this is the only new haunt this year, this was a missed opportunity to get people excited and draw more people into the event.

On the other end of the spectrum, they announced a new scare zone called DAMNED ‘N DISGUISE: CHANGE BEFORE YOUR EYES that sounds incredibly interesting. The conceit is that there is some form of a masquerade ball going on, but throughout the night the environment and costuming will change so that when people walk through, it will be different. This idea of a scare zone with a rotating theme is enough to make me want to just spend a whole night watching how they execute the transitions between the different environments.

Their final announcement was a bit muddled as they presented their new HIDDEN HAUNTS VIP TOUR. I will be honest, I was a bit confused as to all of what this tour had to offer, but I did understand it to be a tour that would bring guests into some backstage areas on the Six Flags property where employees have reported hauntings. It is certainly an interesting idea to tell real life ghost stories, but as to what else was included in the tour (food? Express entrance to rides/haunts? Etc.) I could not quite grasp. Obviously, a simple internet search will clear this up for the casual guests and I have to admit that I like the idea of going to backstage areas to hear and see areas where staff members have experienced hauntings. With some more clarification this could be a real winner for the park.

All in all, while the announcements were a mixed bag, there was enough information presented to make me curious as to what Six Flags Magic Mountain Fright Fest had to offer. If nothing else, the fact that I can hit up their rides by day and then see their haunts at night makes it likely that I will be in attendance. I hope that at future Midsummer Scream panels, Six Flags will provide more details with their announcements.

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