Movie Review: CUT SHOOT KILL (2017)

Some horror films are extra cheesy, usually due to a low budget, while others look realistic and cause you to have nightmares for days on. Have you ever thought about how far someone would go to make a film perfect? How would one capture real horror? All this and more happens in the new horror film CUT SHOOT KILL.

CUT SHOOT KILL is directed and written by Michael Walker with a cast starring Alexandra Socha, Alex Hurt, Phil Burke, Jay Devore, Lexi Lapp, Zanny Laird, and more. The film revolves around Serena Brooks (Socha) who is an ambitious young actress who wants to make it big. She signs on to star in the upcoming horror film, called Collector, with a backwoods crew that have worked together for years. When some of the cast starts disappearing, she stars to question what she really signed up for.

Wow, I was impressed by this storyline. A lot of it was a movie within a movie. It started out a bit slow and didn’t have my interest at first, but once I grasped what was going on, I loved it. It was a unique, thrilling and completely fucked up. It makes you wonder how far one would go to deliver an authentic horror movie and where they got the idea for it.

I enjoyed all the characters, but there were 3 that stood out the most. Alexandra Socha stands out in her performance as Serena Brooks. She’s strong willed, passionate, a fighter, and will do whatever it takes to make things happen for herself. I went back in forth with liking Alex Hurt’s character. He was likable but at the same time doing incredibly fucked up shit to create horror history. However, Phil Burke’s character was probably my favorite. I wasn’t sure if he was a “good” or “bad” guy but despite his label, turns out to be an unsung hero. He kicks some major ass.

CUT SHOOT KILL doesn’t hold back on the blood and gore which is awesome as well. There’s plenty of awesome kills and holy shit moments that everyone will love, especially at the end of the film.

Overall, I highly recommend giving CUT SHOOT KILL a watch. It’s not what I expected and I love good surprises. It was refreshing and a different type of horror film than anything out right now.

CUT SHOOT KILL arrives nationwide on VOD August 8th.

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