Fantasia Film Festival Short Review: BORN OF SIN (2017)

Julie (perfectly performed by Bella Anderson) is ten, and is clearly the adult in the relationship with her feuding, and inebriated parents. After watching her father wander into a bar ‘just for 10 minutes’, we wait with her as she kills time playing games on her phone. As day turns into dusk, and dusk turns into night, boredom, and sleepiness set in; Julie naps, still waiting for her drunken father (James Henderson) to return from the bar. Startled awake, Julie’s life takes a turn for the weird, when she realizes where she’s been taken and what’s about to take place, an even weirder turn when she comes face to face with her mom (Paula Lindberg) in a situation most of us will never find ourselves in.

I thoroughly enjoyed this short; Julie is every kid that’s had to grow up too soon in order to survive their parents fucked up relationship, and she played her role well. William Boodell, writer and director, and his crew pull this together in a weekend as part of a contest, and it does not show. The film is seamless and very well done for only a couple days work. We see what needs to be seen, and there are no extra bits of fluff; truly 9 minutes of perfection! It’s killing me, I want to tell you the story, I want you all to love the twist as much as I do…but I don’t want to ruin the story for you. All I can say is, if you have the chance, I 100% recommend watching BORN OF SIN!

BORN OF SIN had it’s World Premiere at the Fantasia Film Festival on July 17th.

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