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TALES FROM TOMORROW is the latest theatrical show from the folks over at Force of Nature Productions. Broken up into six vignettes, each story is reminiscent of shows such as “Tales From the Crypt”, “Black Mirror”, and “The Twilight Zone”, that will leave you thinking of their impact long after the show has ended.

Each of these short tales brought something incredibly unique to the table. “Magnus Opus” takes the audience to a NY subway where a woman is willing to sell her soul to the Devil in exchange for a perfect moment. “The Lottery” is a fun and twisted tale that deals with politics, families and how the government goes about picking the President of the United States. “Where One Heart Lives” is a tale of undying love, with an emphasis on the “undying” part. “Starlight” centers on a man who must leave his betrothed to fight a war on a planet far from here… “Pretend Rose” is a heartbreaking account of the sins of the Catholic Church and lastly, “Swipe Left” is a futuristic look on how dating apps can evolve into a beast all on its own.

Each story is directed thoroughly with a careful eye on making sure the actors are the focal point and not the surrounding space. Even with the minimal set design used, the actors were able to easily conjure up enough visions for the audience’s imagination to fill in the blanks. To me, this is a true testament of the talents possessed by the writers, directors, and actors in making the stories come to life for the audience’s pleasure.

The stories themselves all have a correlation with the ever evolving world we live in. As technology advances, so does society, and the majority of the population is forced to evolve with it. Whether it be a new and improved dating app, which allows us to formulate the perfect significant other, or the fears that millions upon millions of people have towards the government, TALES FROM TOMORROW makes sure to touch upon all of those things and everything in-between.

Overall, I was incredibly impressed with what I saw from TALES FROM TOMORROW and the entire team at Force of Nature Productions should be proud of what they have accomplished. The stories were thought-provoking and entertaining and I enjoyed the many twists that each one encompassed. TALES FROM TOMORROW only has one more show, which is this Sunday, August 6th, so make sure to visit to get your tickets before it sells out!

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