As an avid podcast listener, the innumerable amount of podcasts out there can be overwhelming to say the least. I’ve spent countless hours in the car listening to podcasts on subjects ranging from lessons on etiquette to trivia, music and film, and of course, horror. There are many that I enjoy and revisit regularly, but only one stands out above the rest as my personal favorite: Shock Waves. Presented by Blumhouse and hosted by Rob Galluzzo, Rebekah McKendry, Ryan Turek, and Elric Kane, Shock Waves is my go-to podcast for all things horror. They cover everything from revisiting the classics to discussing the latest films in the genre and each week they bring on a brand new special guest to join the discussion.

Last Saturday, I had the opportunity to attend Shock Waves Live at Midsummer Scream, where they recorded their 59th episode in front of a live audience. Since summer is coming to an end and last weekend also happened to be the end of Discovery Channel’s infamous Shark Week, the group aptly chose the horror sub-genre “sharksploitation” as the subject for episode 59. As usual, the hosts welcomed a special guest; fellow horror enthusiast Rob Schrab. The hosts began the conversation by talking about their real life fears of sharks and the ocean, also known as Thalassophobia.

Something I love most about this podcast is the personal approach the hosts bring to each episode. I loved listening to Rebekah talk about her fascination with the sea and all the creatures within it, or Rob admitting he actually fears lots of things. This personal touch greatly enhances the audience experience by letting us get to know our hosts and feel like we are part of the conversation. Later on, they each chose three sharksploitation films to discuss. Some of these films I have seen and others I had never heard of but am now inclined to watch, like the insane sounding GHOST SHARK. Something I can always count on with each new episode of Shock Waves is a hefty list of films to seek out.

After the show, I was able to stay and chat a little with Rob, Rebekah, and Ryan; I even snagged a photo with them! They are some of the kindest people I have ever met and I am continuously inspired by each of them. Not only are the hosts amazing, but the Shock Waves audience includes some pretty incredible individuals as well. In fact, it’s because of Shock Waves that I met our very own Shannon McGrew. Shortly after Shock Waves began, some fellow fans started a Facebook group: Shock Waves Horror Movie Club. I was among the first few to join and in less than a year, our numbers have grown to nearly 4,000 and we’ve even spawned a sister group: Shock Waves Horror Book Club. I have made several wonderful friends through the group and although I have yet to meet many of them, they are some of the best people I know. The group serves as a platform for horror fans from all over the world to continue the conversations that begin on the podcast, as well as starting our own discussions about anything and everything horror.

It was so exciting to watch the magic happen on stage after being a listener from the beginning. I look forward to more live events in the future and many more weekly episodes to come. You can listen to new episodes of Shock Waves every Friday on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, or

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