Let’s be real for a minute: life can be crazy sometimes and the world we live in can be a very challenging place. While it’s important to stay informed about current events and the things going on around us, I am also a firm believer that we all need breaks from the madness from time to time by means of escapism. There are countless ways we can temporarily “escape”, whether it’s by watching movies, traveling, or reading, but I’ve recently come across an act of escapism unlike anything I’ve experienced before and it is quickly becoming one of my new favorite things: the immersive experience. I like to describe immersive experiences as playing pretend for adults. Each experience is different, but they are alike in that participants will suspend disbelief, use every ounce of their imaginations, and in some cases, temporarily become someone else.

Over the weekend, I had the opportunity to participate in an experience with the ORDER OF BILETH at Midsummer Scream. The ORDER OF BILETH are a group of people who have devoted their lives to the supreme being, Bileth. However, because so many lacked understand of the love and generosity Bileth had to offer, she was rejected by many. She has since been all bur erased from our history, banished from our world, and is literally trapped between planes of existence. Her remaining followers are working together to rebuild their numbers, as well as bring awareness and understanding of her, with the ultimate goal of bringing her back to our world.

As I approached the ORDER OF BILETH booth at Midsummer Scream, I was anxious and unsure what to expect. I entered their space with a group of strangers, and from the moment I was “recruited” I was all in. Our foreheads were marked with the sign of Bileth and these people who were once strangers had suddenly become my fellow followers, or acolytes as we were so aptly named after joining. To refrain from spoiling any experiences for future potential acolytes, I will keep my details vague, but I will say that it was one of the most unique and enthralling experiences I have ever participated in. After being officially inducted into the Order, myself and other acolytes were sent on various missions to complete several tasks throughout the convention venue. It was so exciting navigating the convention floor, looking for clues and solving puzzles, while other acolytes were doing the same. I passed several individuals bearing the same mark on their foreheads and with each one, I would exchange a meaningful glance or nod which filled me with an intense feeling of purpose and belonging. Some of these participants and I even stopped to help each other with various steps of our mission. At one point, I was sent to find a member of the Order who would give me instructions for the next step. While doing so, I ran into a couple who were searching for the same man and rather than going our separate ways, we sought him out together and continued onto the final leg of our mission as a group and completed the task together.

I was thoroughly impressed with every aspect of the experience and would highly recommend the ORDER OF BILETH to both beginning and seasoned immersive experience participants alike. Although the experience took place amidst a crowded convention center, I was still able to remain engaged regardless of what was going on around me. Much of this is owed to the cohesive nature of the story as well as the level of commitment and dedication displayed by all of those involved in the production.

I intend to participate in future events with the ORDER OF BILETH and I am so looking forward to how the story unfolds. For more information on the ORDER OF BILETH, go to www.orderofbileth.com, and follow them on social media at @orderofbileth.

May her light shine down upon you.


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