This year was the first year I was able to attend Wizard World Sacramento. Unfortunately I was only able to attend one day, but I had fun regardless.

As I approached the con, I was walking around the back exit of the building when I noticed Brian Krause sitting on a bench in the shade smoking. I wanted to approach him and shake his hand but I kept in mind this was probably his only bit of peace and quiet he was going to get for another few hours, so I pushed onward.

As I entered through the security gates, I saw a slow paced line moving cosplayers through while checking their “weapons” in. Each person received a tag on their weapon of choice to signify that they had gone through the security approval process. I thought this was rather funny but also made a ton of sense in terms of safety.

There wasn’t much that was horror related at this con but I did have a rather fun encounter with Eugene Clark (Big Daddy from George A. Romero’s LAND OF THE DEAD, or Cadillac from the TRAILER PARK BOYS THE MOVIE). As I approached his booth, I kindly asked to take a photo of his booth, then the questioning began. “Why would you want a picture of my booth?” “What is my relation to the horror community?” etc. In the end he was just giving me a hard time for fun and suggested I take a picture of him pointing to a picture of himself at his booth.

I also discovered a rather fun and unusual exhibitor selling panties for women who were on their periods. They were mostly horror themed panties for that time of the month with characters like Jason Voorhees on the back and a sign that says “Camp Blood” on the front. I had a laugh and bought my wife a pair.

I didn’t get a chance to check out any panels or really do any meet and greets, mainly because they were a bit out of my budget, but I did get to see some familiar faces such as Adrienne Barbeau, John Heder, James Marsters and many other celebrity faces.

Overall, i had a pretty fun time checking out all the cosplayers and exhibitors while I navigated the show floor. Next year I”ll be there, in cosplay, with a pocket full of cash!

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