While attending Sinister Creature Con, Devin had the chance to speak with horror director Drew Marvick about his feature length debut, the horror/comedy, POOL PARTY MASSACRE.

Nightmarish Conjurings: Hi Drew, thank you so much for taking the time to speak with me today! To start things off, how did you come about writing your film POOL PARTY MASSACRE? 

Drew Marvick: I’m a big fan of slasher movies, so the film was kind of born from my love of slashers, specifically 80s slasher films, but the genesis of POOL PARTY MASSACRE specifically was really spur of the moment. My friend Brian, who was the director of photography and editor of POOL PARTY MASSACRE, called me one day and said he got a new camera and was looking to shoot something and asked me if I had anything to shoot. I said yeah, I had a script for a feature and he asked me what it was called and I was like “um POOL PARTY MASSACRE?” That was the first thing that came out of my mouth because the script didn’t really exist (laughs). Brian thought it sounded cool and asked me to send it over. I took a week and locked myself in my office and wrote the script and that’s how it was born.

NC: Hell yeah!

DM: The film was born from me lying to somebody and tricking them into shooting a movie for me (laughs).

NC: I suppose a lot of cool shit is born out of lies though, right (laughs)? 

DM: (laughs) I guess so!

NC: Working on an indie film can have a lot of restrictions, one being the budget. Did you have a restricted budget that you needed to work with? 

DM: During those conversations, the original budget was zero, but I’d always joke and say the budget is going to be $11, that was the number, we are going to hit this! I’ve got a lot of friends who are actors and friends who work in this business so I joked I would call people and tell them we’re going to make a movie for $11. Then we went and printed scripts and that ended up costing $73, so we had already gone over budget (laughs). So I had to change the plan. We just kind of worked as we could. It ended up being about $6,000 for the shooting budget in the end, way more than $11 (laughs).

NC: Yeah, that’s way more than $11, but that’s actually pretty good for a film! 

DM: Oh yeah! That’s still pretty micro, about as micro budget as you can get.

NC: When it came to the props and effects, did you build them on your own? 

DM: Yeah! My friend Danny Stanley owns a shop in Las Vegas and he does a lot of Halloween and haunt stuff as well as props and set designing for casinos in Vegas. I called in a favor from him and he did a head and body cast of Alexis Adams for me. I have another friend that’s a make-up artist who came and did some of the gore make-up for me when she was available. But I also built a lot of the weapon props and had to improvise a lot.

NC: Nice! I do a home haunt every year with my family so I’m definitely familiar with the amount of hard work and time that goes into set and prop building. 

DM: Oh yeah, it’s a lot!

NC: So what can we expect from you next? Any more movies in the future? 

DM: Definitely, a lot more movies! As many as I can before I die. Up next, I have a script that I’d like to shoot. It’s kind of a weird drug fueled acid trip revenge movie and its full of gore. Then there’s POOL PARTY MASSACRE 2 in the works and there’s also a feature that I produced that should be coming out soon called BOB FREEMAN: EXTERMINATOR FOR HIRE. It’s kind of a monster hunter action/adventure/horror comedy.

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