While there are some snippets of science sutured into this mix, the minds behind QUANTUM ENTANGLEMENT made it palpable for even the most resistant science class drop-outs. Ruminating in romance and looping around feelings of loss, QUANTUM ENTANGLEMENTmatures alongside its main character while offering each stage of its story ample room to breathe.

The scenes in QUANTUM ENTANGLEMENT had a nearly osmotic quality as they passed smoothly from one into another, carrying shadows of each character’s development. Even though this play was visually contained, it no less opened up its narrative to an expansive universe of emotional and narrative possibilities. It was the personal touch, in this case, that really went the distance. When entering the show, each participant was handed a small, flickering (electric) candle and a star sticker. As the show began, members of the audience were embraced and welcomed by a performer who made sure to identify almost every single one of us as a star in the night’s sky. It was dreamy and fluid.

Playwright and star Katelynn Schiller was able to translate her vision clearly through her body. Schiller was versatile, intense, and rhythmically agile. Playing against actress Amanda Zarr, Schiller unfolded a complex, fraught mother-daughter relationship that would otherwise take a lifetime to develop. That is not to say QUANTUM ENTANGLEMENT did not unpack a lifetime worth of material because it definitely does. Of course, no review of this show could be put out into the ether without sending special snaps to puppeteer Amy Shine. Who knew an almost fully-articulated cat puppet could be so charming, engaging, and handsome?

As a current graduate student, it is always nice seeing others of my kind contributing productively to society. It is not to say academia creates miscreants, only creative thinkers who need supporters open to critical thinking while being entertained. QUANTUM ENTANGLEMENT takes some of your own introspection and will no doubt leave you deeply considering your stance on the power of interpretive dance.


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