SHOW PIECES, a Shudder exclusive directed by Mitch Jenkins and written by Alan Moore (From Hell, The Watchmen), is composed of three short films that are part of a larger project called THE SHOW. The short films in SHOW PIECES are ACT OF FAITH, JIMMY’S END, and HIS HEAVY HEART. The project as a whole takes place in “Nighthampton,” which is where people of Northampton go when they die.

If you ever wondered what Alan Moore’s idea of the after life looks like, it is apparently a seedy bar with strippers, clowns, and a hint of David Lynch which, naturally, makes it a delicious piece of entertainment. The pacing is slow and dreamlike, adding even more to the Lynchian feel, but the films hold the grit that we have come to know and love from Alan Moore. The visuals are striking from the first short to the last and there are recurrent visual themes, such as spinning audio devices, which help sew the films together. While each short can stand alone, it is definitely better to see them all tied together as one narrative piece.

ACT OF FAITH is the rock of the shorts that helps build the foundation for the following films. It is about a young woman on the verge of suicide and shows how we are our own enemies. JIMMY’S END shows us the ways in which people face their deaths and then HIS HEAVY HEART displays purgatory and judgement. SHOW PIECES is beautifully existential. When the credits begin rolling, you’re left sitting there, contemplating everything you just consumed while at the same time wanting to know what else Moore and Jenkins have in store for you.

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