SANTU DELIRIA: INDUCTIO appears to be the first chapter in a much larger, staged series of immersive experiences. Clocking in at about a half-hour, you enter a rift so contained and peculiar you are shocked the tickets are not thrice the current asking price. And I must say, when there is another chapter from SANTU DELIRIA, I will be among the first to hold out my hands demanding, “more, more.”

INDUCTIO‘s countless sensations looped seamlessly into a compact narrative; however, that does not mean you will leave with any firm conclusions about what you saw, felt, or did. Not many details about this experience made it my way beforehand and I think, after having gone through it myself, I now know why. Each actor was skilled at directing participants towards the internal confrontations they should be having, rather than affording them too much time to take in the minutiae of every single moment. SANTU DELIRIA: INDUCTIO may have kept things simple, but what was put on offer packed enough of a punch to leave me feeling sullied and unusual on my drive home.

If you have ever attended another production at Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre, then you are likely wondering how anyone could possibly pack an immersive, full-contact experience inside. What I will explicitly give away about INDUCTIO, though, is that it employed the small confines of Zombie Joe’s masterfully. Whoever was behind the production design is an expert minimalist. Whoever wrote the script knows just the right buttons to push. Every person acting out these scenes had space to cleanly improvise at each stage of the narrative in response to each participant’s reaction. Without question, the black walls and crisp air make Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre a venue remarkably well-suited to immersions.

SANTU DELIRIA will waste no time indoctrinating and inculpating you into its planned naughtiness. Plain and simple: there are no niceties hiding in this space (yourself included). By the way, should you be uncomfortable with sensuous touch or bodily effluvia, be forewarned. INDUCTIO may only teeter on the limits for most seasoned haunted attraction enthusiasts, but what will surely come next is going to enter a new threshold.

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