Good day my midsummer creepy cult Christmas Caroler’s! Tonight I peep and creep on Marinah Janello’s YULETIDE!

When I snagged the opportunity to check out YULETIDE I was stoked because despite my distaste for Christmas, I have a soft spot for anything Christmas horror related. However, YULETIDE threw me down an unexpected slide into a metaphorical creepy cult ball pit.

YULETIDE holds elements that you’d find in a black metal music video or maybe even the music video stylings of Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats. It’s primarily eerie imagery of a Krampus type figure intertwined with depictions of the Christmas days of old. Religion and creepy shit all mixed together in a semi-psychedelic melting pot.

The music that floats throughout this short is heavy, occasionally melodic, but with eerie guitar riffs. I’ve said the word eerie a lot in describing this film, can you see my pattern here?

Although I was expecting some sort of Christmas horror slasher short, I was highly entertained with what ended up being more of what I’d describe as an art project. YULETIDE is definitely worth checking out if you’re like me and enjoy really weird shit.

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