There’s some amazing movies screening at the Final Girls Film Festival and I’m lucky enough to have the privilege to review them. First up is WILLOW GARDEN, directed by Kate MacDonald.

The horror short follows Mona, played by Aimee Carver, and Keith, played by Jon Levenson, a troubled couple who are trying to sort through their problems, get even more than they bargained for while camping in the woods.

Some people go to the woods to relax, while others go and discover their inner beast. I personally thought this was a fun little short with an unexpected twist. It has a run time of a little over 10 minutes and delivers a disturbing story between a couple that quickly takes a turn for the worse. I love how it starts out one way and then goes in a completely opposite direction within a 10 minute run-time. Pretty impressive if you ask me.

One thing that stood out to me the most is the characters. The characters felt raw and gritty – like every day people we see on the streets. When people like that star in a film, it’s far easier for the audience to relate to them, I know I did, and I think everyone else will. We all have that breaking point and Aimee Carver’s character shows you what happens when we snap.

The creepy song, “Willow Garden” that Jon Levenson sang by the fire really helped set the tone for what was about to happen. You could feel the tension brewing and the lyrics just gave it that extra spark.

Overall, I absolutely enjoyed WILLOW GARDEN, but I would have loved to see more. Perhaps they will make a full feature some day and if they do I’ll definitely be one of the first to check it out!

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