Sensual touches and violent delights
Lovelorn slumbers and compromised condoms
Sweet, damp mulch and a creaky, well-worn U-Haul truck.

Shine On Collective is unfurling the prologue to its newest production, SWEET DREAMS, at this year’s Fringe Festival. Snag yourself a spot while YOU can. From its very first dew drops, SWEET DREAMS promises unique, creative immersion and a compelling two-fold narrative.

Caught between Rose, played by the gripping Hannah Faust, and Philip, brought to life by immersive theater veteran Alexander Echols, an entire map of possibilities is opened for each participant. Just as you find yourself safely blanketed by your own expectations, something is perfectly timed to jolt and jumble you. Both characters, in the capable hands of Faust and Echols, evolve before your eyes and roll with you into the twists of their romance. This story is not your average variation on the well-trowled fairytale cure-all of true love’s first kiss.

Many of you are likely familiar with the work of Shine On Collective through their productions THE TRUTH and the DEVOTED series. While I have only been regaled of the excellence of these past experiences by their legion of fans, I have been told SWEET DREAMS: THE PROLOGUE is very much of a piece with its predecessors. Having gone in blind to both the show and many of its creative contributors, I can bluntly say it will suck in any participant and leave him or her sucking for more.

SWEET DREAMS: THE PROLOGUE is one of the dreamiest punctuating moments in all of this year’s Fringe Festival. Enter the arms of Shine On Collective and you will find yourself lulled into a tantalizing twilight.

For more information or to purchase tickets to SWEET DREAMS: THE PROLOGUE at the Hollywood Fringe Festival, visit


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