Have you ever wondered about your family’s history? If they were keeping any secrets better left unknown? In the new horror mystery INHERITANCE an unfortunate man discovers more than he bargained for.

Directed and written by Tyler Savage, INHERITANCE, which will have it’s world premiere at Dancing with Films this weekend, is his feature film debut. Along for the ride is executive producer Nicholas Gonda (TREE OF LIFE), cinematographer Drew Daniels (IT COMES AT NIGHT) and producers J.P. Castel (KRISHA), and Dash Hawkins (PARTY CRASHERS). The film stars Chase Joliet (IT COMES AT NIGHT), Sara Montez (“Criminal Minds”), and Dale Dickey (“True Blood”).

The film centers on Ryan Bowman, who just inherited a $2.5 million beach house on the central California coast from his biological father, a man he’s never known and thought long dead. Arriving in the charming town with his pregnant fiance, Ryan’s curiosity about his father soon leads him into an introspective investigation. As a looming family presence tightens its grip on him, Ryan pushes away from his adoptive family and expectant fiance. When he finally discovers the horrifying truth about his birth parents, he might be too late to stop himself from repeating a similar pattern..

Tyler Savage knows how to deliver a suspenseful story. Throughout the entire film the audience is left wondering what is going to happen next and what the hell is happening in general. It’s frustrating and thrilling simultaneously. Quite a bit of it reminded me of AMITYVILLE HORROR, a beautiful creepy house that invades the mind of its male resident, but with a different presentation and twist.

Both Chase Jolieit and Sarah Montez gave strong performances. Personally, Montez stood out the most to me and I hope we get to see her in more horror roles. Each of the characters helped drive the story, especially when things became slightly confusing as the film goes from past to present within a blink of an eye. My only complaint to this is I wish we had more details on the back story.

I also really enjoyed the soundtrack. I thought it gave it an old school feel and creepy vibe. It made the entrapment feel even more suffocating.

Overall, INHERITANCE is a suspenseful and mindboggling story that I wanted to know more about. I enjoyed everything about it, but I wish there was more closure and explanation of what was going on. If you love creepy house films with a secret, check this one out!

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