Savages and Scavengers and Scares, Oh My! Downtown Pasadena’s THE BUNKER EXPERIENCE offers up thoroughly original escape rooms that elicit squeaks of gleeful pride and shrieks of bloodcurdling terror.

Hands down, the set design in THE BUNKER EXPERIENCE was absolutely incredible. Lots of love and care went into creating many of the rich textures of this dystopian space and the dedicated creators used their site’s original architecture to their advantage. Elements of new and old effortlessly fold into the aesthetic of the rest of the experience. The space was even further enhanced by a great use of sound editing and multiple technology platforms, coalescing into a uniform narrative space. Even reminders of how much time you have to escape the room are integrated, never once breaking the reality the creators worked so hard to construct! Moreover, theming and story-building never skipped a beat. It was almost a crossbreed between MAD MAX and FIREFLY. Pasadena may be just above you, but all of the staff are incredibly committed to engaging you. As soon as you are underground, you have landed in a much dryer, rustier version of California – almost like Barstow, but with actual signs of detectable life.

THE BUNKER EXPERIENCE has two fully fleshed chapters, The Bunker and The Hive, with plans for more on the way. Each room could stand on its own, but completing the whole experience was extremely satisfying; the pre-existing rooms are integrated seamlessly. When team Nightmarish Conjurings paired up with team HorrorBuzz, we became so fully immersed we escaped both rooms in record time. Do you dare to take on the challenge of striking down our fresh record? If so, rooms can accommodate fairly large groups even though our group of 5 was fairly well-suited to both rooms. Regardless of your team’s size, you should find both chapters of THE BUNKER a dark, delightful challenge.

Better yet! There’s a haunt element baked right into the experience. It was brutal and it was a blast. The more baroque, intense THE BUNKER EXPERIENCE gets, the more likely it will develop a cult following. Thusly, get it on the beginning of this smashing good time as soon as possible. And word on the street is that the place is haunted (but in a good way). Check out THE BUNKER EXPERIENCE for its planned and unplanned chilly thrills.

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