TALES FROM TOMORROW was a set of five theatrical vignettes put on by Force of Nature Productions at the Eclectic Company Theatre. Should you find yourself in the North Hollywood area the next time they put on a play, be sure to check out their science-fiction form and fun.

The anthology format of TALES FROM TOMORROW is great for “Black Mirror” fans who are looking to inject some life into their weekends. My favorite short subject, “Manservant 3000,” was playful, humorous, and looped in notes from really great science-fiction; in fact, it felt like it keyed into the tone and metaphors of Joyce Carol Oates’ story “EDickinsonRepiLuxe.” Unhappy housewives, cocktail lunches, and robots – what more could a gal ask for? I would personally sign up for more visits if I could count on a few laughs as part of what would already be a good time.

Actress Jennifer Novak Chun, who starred in two out of five of the vignettes, must have a live-action “The Jetsons” reboot built around her. Attention studio executives: Chun has a futuristic, uncanny, and maternal stage presence and I am thoroughly convinced she is the only person would could do Jane Jetson justice. Honorable mentions also go to actor Chris Campbell and actress Sasha Snow. Both exhibited an impressive range in addition to great command of the stage. On the whole, though, all of the actors brought commitment to their multiple roles and it was great fun trying to connect dots of who was in what.

The lobby was inviting with comfortable, plush sofas and warm faces to usher you into the theater when the time comes. Once inside, the small intimate venue featured great antique seats and not a single one of them had an obstructed view. Further, the smallness of the venue worked for the production because it allowed the cast to express incredibly control. No matter the audience reaction, the actors never skipped a beat.

General Manager and overall creative contributor, Andy Schultz, has a whole lot of heart and it shows. Schultz sets a great tone from the start and the love the rest of team put into production really shines through him. Since this round of theatrical skits featured works from three first-time writers I am excited to see how the theater company, as a whole, develops its talents.

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