I love a good thriller: they always have me at the edge of my seat, wondering what will happen next. They’re not always effective, but the ones that are can be far scarier than your average film. I recently watched the new film, THE FOLLOWER. Did it leave me in suspense?

Directed and written by Damian Romay, THE FOLLOWER is a made-for-TV film that was released a few months ago and stars Erika Christensen, Val Lauren, Bethany Lauren James, Jason Kirkpatrick, and Douglas M. Griffin. The story revolves around Chelsea (Christensen), who after years of performing music has decided to try the family life – with a new baby on the way. When her plane crashes on the way home, she becomes a victim at the hands of a star-struck sadistic fan. Will she and her unborn baby survive?

Honestly, the film began like a normal made for TV movie, but excelled beyond my expectations. It wasn’t just a regular drama: there were intense and horrifying moments, plenty of blood, and the antagonist isn’t one you would want to mess with. It reminded me a lot of Stephen King’s “Misery” in several aspects, including the “number one fan” theme except this time it was a musical artists instead of a writer.

I thought the acting was great. It was interesting seeing Christensen playing the victim as she played a beautifully sadistic villain in SWIMFAN. I liked her strength and despite the odd things happening to her, she never truly gave in to her stalker.

Meanwhile, Bethany Lauren James plays a villain uncomfortably well. I think she was channeling Annie Wilks for this character and it worked perfectly. She didn’t break Chelsea’s legs, but believe me she wasn’t far off from doing it and she threatened to harm the baby more than once, including carving it out.

Overall, if you’re looking for a low-key movie to watch with some exciting drama and thrilling moments, THE FOLLOWER is the one for you. It’s fun and a great popcorn flick. Enjoy!

THE FOLLOWER is now available on Digital HD and On Demand

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