One thing I didn’t notice until the beginning of this episode was that the Sam Loomis murder might have been Norman’s first conscious kill. Yes, Mother might have given him some emotional motivation, but, in the end, it was all Norman. He feels shame as he attempts to get rid of the body, only to learn that Sam is only one of many that he’s been hiding. Mother has been keeping plenty of secrets from Norman and his guilt is quickly getting to him. As he questions the possibility of turning himself in, Mother reminds him that it would only keep them apart and destroy their bond, even if it might not necessarily be real or even honest.

Dylan pays a surprise visit, one that Mother did not welcome. As a reminder, he’s been estranged from the family for quite some time and just learned of Norma’s death recently. He knows not all is right and probably internally questions whether she really killed herself. First steps into the house, Dylan right away spots heels and evidence of someone else being in the house, but is also aware that Norman isn’t always himself.

During his return to White Pine Bay, Dylan learns of multiple disappearances that seem to share ties to the motel. It doesn’t take much for him to put the pieces together and quickly attempts to get Norman back on meds. Part of this excursion also leads to the revelation that Norman’s former doctor has been missing for quite some time and his appearance on the show earlier this season might have never even happened. This begs some questions as to how much of this season has only been a manifestation of Norman’s psyche or not. Approaching Norman with his concerns prompts Mother to come out and try to kill Dyland, but Norman succeeds in stopping her and calls the police to confess the Loomis murder.

This was not only a huge turning point to leave the episode on, but interesting to point out that he only confesses to one murder. Norman doesn’t know all that he’s guilty of, or if he’s even to be considered guilty of the other crimes if we want to throw ethics into it.

“Inseparable” is also a reminder of the greatness that is Vera Farmiga. Her perofrmance has shifted this season as a mere image of the mother Norman thinks he needs. Where she used to be a vulnerable, yet overprotective mother, she is now a psychotic and vengeful vessel that only lives by her own agenda. She is still protective, but more that she is no longer seeking what is best for her son and will do whatever it takes to live on as the invisible roommate. On top of that, Farmiga has managed to capture the dark comedy of the absurd situations they find themselves in. No matter what awful moment is happening, we can expect Norma to lighten up the mood. Best example is the opening scene that paid homage to PSYCHO with the camera starting on the open gaze of a dead Sam Loomis and panning away. As Norman looks down in horror, Mother comes out and shouts at him to turn off the shower due to wasting water.

There were some great character moments tonight and we are getting closer to the end. I’m anticipating some more surprises in store and a great confrontation as next week promises Alex Romero’s return to White Pine Bay.

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