What’s the first thing you think of when you hear the title STUDDED NIGHTMARE? Yeah, whatever you thought of, that’s not it, and it’s definitely not what I thought of either, and I was pleasantly surprised. Directed by Jean-Claude Leblanc, and written by Sébastien Huberdeau and Maude St-Pierre, they packed a serious punch in just over 9 minutes, while dragging your emotions through a grinder.

The STUDDED NIGHTMARE unleashes its power on estranged, but reacquainting friends, J.F. (Huberdeau) and Aly (St-Pierre). Both delivered completely believable performances, St-Pierre, especially, her character goes through a range of emotions that I’m amazed they had time for in a short.

Leblanc’s direction takes us back and forth in order to tell J.F. and Aly’s story through a series of quick vignettes and voiceovers, and it feels seamless. I’ll leave the mystery of what the STUDDED NIGHTMARE actually is up to your imagination, I don’t want to spoil your fun. This short film is definitely worth your time.

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