With only a few months into 2017, revenge-based plots appear to be bountiful in the independent horror genre. There’s been a vast amount of stories surrounding this theme, showcasing both classic and new concepts. One that I feel uniquely thrives, while implementing multiple genres, would be the new horror/mystery feature, DIG TWO GRAVES.

After the death of her brother Sean (Ben Schneider), grief-stricken sister, Jake (Samantha Isler) ventures down a deadly path in order to bring him back to life. This almost Faustian story follows the obsessions and drastic measures one will endure in order to save the one you love, unearthing her town’s grisly secrets along the way.

Directed by Hunter Adams, DIG TWO GRAVES combines fantasy with horror, and mystery with revenge, engaging its audience through numerous elements. The entirety of this film is beautifully lit with dramatic contrasts, heightening the given mood of each shot. The haunting atmosphere locks you in, depicting almost gothic-like transitions between past and present scenarios. Having an intense rural backdrop, along with a rather chilling, yet somber score really builds to the story’s suspense.

Not only is this film visually brilliant with an alluring concept, each character role demonstrates top of the line acting. I honestly could not spot a single bad performance throughout this feature. Veteran actor Ted Levine (who plays Sheriff Waterhouse) depicts a loving grandfather with a past full of secrets and regrets. His character’s portrayal embodies the core of the film, showing both the cruel and caring aspects within human nature. While acting alongside relative newcomer Samantha Isler, the two roles compliment each other nicely, producing nothing less than powerful performances.

DIG TWO GRAVES stands strongly on its own as a unique feature, and one that will hook your attention through its haunting segments and in-depth storyline. The lonely, almost desolate vibe of the present blends nicely with the rough and rustic flashbacks from the past, creating a dark and unforgiving world, which audiences are sure to thoroughly enjoy.

DIG TWO GRAVES will be opening in select theater and On Demand Friday, March 24, 2017

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