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Today I will be reviewing the horror short IT BEGAN WITHOUT WARNING by writers/directors Jessica Curtright and Santiago C. Tapia. To best describe the story, I will turn to my own plot summary:

“A small creature is hypnotizing people and causing them to kill.”

The action kicks off right away as we are shown a bloody body and a weapon wielding man hunting a child through an apartment. The camera shot that establishes all of these things is one take that emphasizes motion more than just scene setting. Given how kinetic this short is, the fast paced cinematography feels right at home.

There is a particular scene which may disturb viewers as it involves a horrible pregnancy fear. This moment emphasized the take no prisoners attitude of the short by showing that not only could a child be a victim, so could an unborn baby. It was a tense and unsettling scene that proved so effective that I am still thinking about it two days later.

It was impressive that they were able to communicate a complete story in six minutes without a single line of exposition. While this is definitely a tactic I see popping up more and more in modern shorts, it is nevertheless cool to see them portray their invasion scenario on imagery and action alone. This proves especially effective during the aforementioned disturbing scene where the main creature makes a memorable appearance.

All in all, this is a twisted little short that makes me want to see more of this story. In fact, I would love it if we had a serial short series based around this idea that played in front of a production company’s movie (like the Disney cartoon shorts, but horror themed and continuous). Fans of NIGHT OF THE CREEPS or CHILDREN OF THE CORN should check out this fast paced chiller.

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