To some, the thought of Halloween and Haunt season, is something that is far off, but for those of us within the community, we know it’s approaching at a rapid rate.  One of the most anticipated haunts premiering this October is Larry Bone’s mult-level experience INTO THE BLACK. Shannon, a die-hard haunt enthusiast, had the chance to speak with Larry about his upcoming project as well as his illustrious career within the haunt and FX industry.

Nightmarish Conjurings: Hi Larry, thank you so much for speaking with me today. I can’t tell you how excited we are for INTO THE BLACK, but to start things off can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your company Bone Yard Effects? 

Larry Bones: Bone Yard Effects, Inc is a Special Effects Makeup Studio serving the Entertainment Industry since 1995. I was the head of Makeup and Monsters for Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights from 2006-2016.

NC: Wow! That’s quite a career! How did you transition for Halloween Horror Nights FX to creating your own haunt with INTO THE BLACK? 

LB: We dipped our foot in the Haunt pool last year at Midsummer Scream with a scarezone called TOXICITY. I had such a great time creating it and having complete creative control was a game changer. I really loved my time at Horror Nights but it was no longer creatively challenging for me. Having done TOXICITY, the seed was planted and grew quickly. I wrote the base story for INTO THE BLACK one night at Halloween Horror Nights and it hasn’t stopped growing since!

NC: How is INTO THE BLACK different than other haunt experiences and what has the process been like for creating it? 

LB: I can’t really compare INTO THE BLACK to any other haunt as I haven’t seen any of the other haunts in years as I’ve always been at Universal for the haunt season.  When I started conceptualizing this, I knew right off the bat that It needed to be a individual experience for our guests. Thats where fear lives. Creating this event has been one of the most satisfying experiences I’ve had the pleasure to head up. I’m getting to see the world in my head come to life!

NC: You have had quite an incredible career within the haunt industry, especially in regards to your FX work. What is it about the haunt industry that you love so much?

LB: I’ve had a love and fascination with Halloween and Horror for as long as I remember. I had all the Monster models and magazines as a kid. I used to sneak out of bed to watch late night monster movies.

NC: What are some of the challenges you have faced in creating INTO THE BLACK? 

LB: Its the fact that we are working on four distinct components for the event. During pre-production, it was getting confusing if we were working on something for the film, the VR element, or the Haunt. Also we were having the documentary being shot at the same time so we would have photographers shooting the film crew. Also since we are based in an old Victorian house, finding period content has been a big challenge.

NC: What are you most excited for people to experience with INTO THE BLACK?

LB: The fact that they will have already seen our film prior to the experience, so they will already know the story when they arrive at the Haunt. They will know what awaits inside. They will have go in alone.

NC: Last but certainly not least, where can people go to find out more information about INTO THE BLACK? 

LB: They can visit the website and follow us on social media on Facebook at, Instagram @intotheblack2017 and Twitter @Into_TheBlack.

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