One of my favorite things about director Izzy Lee is her ability to showcase how fierce women can be, and not just those women who have been wronged, but all women in general. She gives them a spotlight that is so needed within the genre and raises the female character above just a damsel in distress. In her latest short film, FOR A GOOD TIME, CALL.., Izzy, and writer Chris Hallock, show the audience the consequences of a man’s foolish act while also flipping the narrative of stereotypical tropes.

FOR A GOOD TIME, CALL… centers around Alex, a deplorable individual who takes it upon himself to upload a homemade sex video that was taken in secret. In an age where “revenge porn” has become so rampant, it’s unfortunate to know that someone you think you could trust would be capable of doing something so malicious. Sean Carmichael, who plays Alex, really steals the show by personifying all the despicable traits women have come to loathe. As for our female leads, it was nice to see two frequent collaborators of Izzy’s, Diana Porter and Tristan Risk. Diana plays Alice, the women who finds herself caught unfairly in Alex’s sexual ploy, and Tristan who is almost unrecognizable as Sylvia, a woman who beckons you for a good time while possessing her own secret weapon.

Look, I’m not going to say that violence against me, or anyone, is acceptable, but putting someone in their place isn’t always a bad thing. Sure, in this case, it’s a bit extreme, but I’m sure women everywhere are going to be cheering on Sylvia as she gives Alex a taste of his own medicine. This short is much more than just a fun little horror jaunt, as it brings into focus the misogynistic tendencies that a lot of men have along with their feelings of entitlement. I think shorts such as FOR A GOOD TIME, CALL... are important because they remind men that you can’t always get away with everything and that eventually the poor decisions that were made will catch up with them.

Along with the fantastic storyline, I was also impressed with how the notion of sex was flipped on it’s head in such a unique fashion towards the end. I don’t want to give anything away because the reveal was so brilliantly done that it took me a second to even realize what was happening. I’ve never, in all the film I’ve watched, seen a woman get off the way that Sylvia did. Even writing this I’m beginning to giggle to myself because it was so crazy! Originality is so sparse now-a-days so I have to hand it to Izzy and Chris for doing something completely different and unpredictable that I was even taken by surprise.

Overall, FOR A GOOD TIME, CALL… is still a fun horror short that most people will enjoy, but it has the added depth of a powerful message that’s relevant to the society we live in. I shouldn’t have to say this but I implore all men to see it so that they know how important it is to get consent before partaking in any sexual or non-sexual activity. If you are a horror fan that is seeking out a film with a hell of a unique ending, than FOR A GOOD TIME, CALL will be right up your alley.

FOR A GOOD TIME, CALL… will be having it’s World Premiere at the Boston Underground Film Festival during the Trigger Warnings Block on March 24, 2017.

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